Monday, 9 March 2015

Review: Sleuth, Android/IOS

The Game Is Afoot! Well Actually Its An App...

Any who have been following my Blog over the last week or so will know that I was approached recently by a delightful fellow called Matthew Thomas. He and his acquaintance's at SimWave Consulting have developed an app called Sleuth and he very kindly asked if I would review it. And thats exactly what I am doing here today. So what is Sleuth? Is it the next AAA masterpeice that demand's your attention? Or is it something that Sherlock wannabe's will deduce to not be their Deer Stalker hat of choice? Read on and find out...

Small Does Not Mean Insignificant.

So starting with the easiest, what is Sleuth? Well it is a trivia app, available later on this week for Android and IOS. The aim of the game is to guess as many words as you can within the time limit. To do this, four pictures appear on the screen,one after the other, regarding different subject's (so film, sport, places etc *ed) and the quicker you answer them the better the score you have at the end.
   There are games like this in drove's on Android and IOS but this one does have me hooked for a few reason's. Firstly, there is a score attack quality to the game and I must say I am addicted. Because you are constantly on a timer and the four picture clues do not reveal themselves straight away, it does add some excitement to what would otherwise be a dime a dozen app. Also unique to Sleuth is the community these guys hope to create through the game. There are online leaderboards so you can compare scores with friends, and there is a physical prize that SimWave Consulting will give to the person who gets the best score at the end of the month and year. Those being a rather nifty Sleuth T-shirt for the monthly top score and a "grand prize" for the person to gain the highest annual score.
   Its these little touch's that I dont see very much in apps like this so I can do nothing but praise the app for being that little bit different from the rest.

What I Would Pay For This Game.

So no, this isnt the next big AAA masterpeice but maybe it can demand some attention. It's a harmless enough game and one that I am rather addicted to. No it isnt going to set the world on fire but that does'nt mean it is not worth a look. The game is free if you are okay with ads invading your game and 99p if you would rather have ads abolished from the game. Whether you wish to spend the pennies to remove the ads is entirely up to you though I would consider giving the free version a download. At the very least it helps small companies like SimWave to get their foot in the door. And that is something I am willing to do for these guys. After all they have given me this small chance to gain a bit more popularity so to me the decision is elementary. Okay enough with the Sherlock jokes! Please do give this game a try, all it cost's is a little bit of you attention and you never know, you could be fighting me for that mysterious grand prize...

I Would Pay Attention To Sleuth.

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